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Sometimes it falls upon a generation to be great, you can be that generation.
-Nelson Mandela


Khadijah Patricia Lindo, a Spiritualist, Empress and Artist uses her West Indian, Caribbean background that's influenced her creatively. Based in Orlando, Florida but has traveled around the world to shape who she is today. As a Clairaudient dancer she's studied experimental movement, dance film and various of dance styles in Seattle, Washington at Cornish College of the Arts. Khadijah's passion for dance grew as she then moved to Los Angeles after she graduated with a Bachelor in Fine Arts. So many great opportunities came up within a short period of time working with Cat Cogliandro and former alumni Amy O' Neal. The life experiences and knowledge gained throughout the years sparked a spiritual ascension. 
Khadijah has always been connected to Spirit since a little girl raised in the church, part of the church choir and many children's plays. Her abilities grew over time, senses started to heightened, and one day she realized what she spoke came into fruition. She became passionate about sharing effective spiritual wellness tools and all things Tarot, Oracle and Intuition. 


Dance, Creative Movement, Dance Film, Creative Content, Spiritual Wellness, Intuitive Tarot Reader, Oracle Reader.

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